Hello. I'm Jim.

Hello there. 

My name is Jim Ryan. I am a realtor with Core 3 Realty.

Why did I become a realtor? The answer to that has many answers. 

Having worked for law firms for most of my life, I finally realized the 9-5 grind was not for me. While I enjoyed doing my job to the best of my abilities, it hit me in the face one day when I realized I should be working for myself. 

My friend, Erica Tivet-Smith - a local rockstar REALTOR®, who sold me my home, told me she thought I had what it took to be a great REALTOR®. She saw that I have a warm personality, problem-solving skills, and the desire to give my clients excellent customer service. So with her prodding, I enrolled in Real Estate school. 

Another reason I decided to go into real estate is that for the majority of my professional career, I always had to conform to fit into my employer's idea of how I should operate. Being a Taurus, my hard-headedness often caused frustration and I decided I needed to find a career that would celebrate my uniqueness rather than stifle it. Real Estate allows me to be my genuine self and I fully embrace that every day. 

The final reason I got into real estate is my love for problem solving. For my entire life, I have been forced to learn how to overcome obstacles to achieve my goals. Real Estate is a field that will put this skill to the test. In my short time of being an agent, I have already learned that the only limits are the ones I put on myself. Working with an amazing team of lenders, buyers, and my crack team of mentors at Core 3 Realty, LLC, I have assembled an amazing team to help me overcome any obstacles that jump in my path. 

If you are looking to buy, rent, or sell your home in the Mobile / Baldwin County area, feel free to send me a text (251-229-1796) or an email (Jim.Ryan@core3realty.com) so we can start your real estate journey together.

 Until next time, 


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